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Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru
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http://www.mashin-eiyuuden-wataru.net/index.html <--- Click there to check it out!

Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru series 1 will be re-aired on Kids Station in Japan starting June 4, Monday to Friday, at 7:30pm! If you live in Japan, it's a good opportunity to revisit the series. :meow:

There is also this awesome Ryuuoumaru figure that was released a few days ago --- http://www.mashin-eiyuuden-wataru.net/products/index.html
13th-Feb-2012 10:34 pm - The Robot Spirits - Ryuuoumaru

Ryuuoumaru will be released this May for 6300yen. Start saving up if you are interested!

Jakomaru is lined up for the next release.

PS. Yes, I'm still alive, and doing the last year of my degree. One year to go + qualification exam, then I'll be done with school for good! XD

The majority of the fansub team already disappeared, so... if I really were to release the remaining Chou Wataru episodes, they will have very limited typesetting since I suck at typesetting XD Man, I still couldn't find someone to karaoke time and style OP2 Power of Dream and ED2 Ganbatte... ;_____; anyone?
9th-Jan-2011 12:32 am - Recruiting typesetter + editor!
o_x current TS-er is MIA for quite a while and I'm getting tired of stalking him, so anyone interested in doing typesetting for:

- OP2 & ED2 karaoke effect (They have been timed already! You don't need to time them!)
- special effects for Ryuujinmaru's all different types of attacks
- minor typessetting for all episodes (I did the basic typesetting already so you just need to do what I don't know how to do lol)

Also recruiting editor(s) with fluent English and good memory (as you need to be able to keep track of all the different terminologies used throughout all 51 episodes)

As you all know, the translation and timing portion of all 51 episodes were done like, back in 2009 x_o I feel bad about all these scripts sitting in my computer... typesetting and editing are all that's needed for these episodes to be released. But well if I really can't get the typesetting and editing part done, I guess I will just get Ed to encode them anyway. I really want to get these episodes all out by 2011 Summer. Let's aim for this goal! then maybe I'll move on to Wataru 2

Comment here please if you are interested~ Or e-mail me at edo[dot]aru[at]gmail[dot]com ^_^ I have long forgotten the password of the fansub group e-mail so don't e-mail there. XD;; *gets bricked*

PS. I have changed community setting due to more and more spams lately. Now only members can post, and all new entries must go through me before it shows up in the community. Sorry about the inconvenience, but I really hate to see pr0n spams in my childhood memory...
28th-Jul-2010 05:19 pm - Announcement! (well, sorta)
Someone (you know who you are!) just sent me a lj-message asking to help me typeset, and I abolutely welcome new help! Though unfortunately, your lj-message setting is set to "private" so I am unable to reply even though I wanted to give you more details. Please lj-friend me so that I can contact you, or lj-message me your e-mail address!



Ryuujinmaru's image is completely crushed by me hahaha...

I recently bought this Ryuujinmaru figure so I was playing with it last night~~~ 8D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgSzcsfcD7A <--- Similar summoning scene but from the second Wataru series (1990). 8D I love this one (Ryuuseimaru) a lot more, but I can't find a Ryuuseimaru figure anywhere!!! ;_____; I hope they make new Ryuuseimaru figures later!

This is my favourite anime series. Fullmetal Alchemist is my favourite manga series. XDDDD

Okay, actually to be on topic...
I feel lazy lately nursing school is evil and I felt bad about the stuck translations that are not being encoded. After all, everything has been translated and translation checked and timed since last year .____. I translated, my Japanese friend (who is an English major btw) translation checked, and I timed. Sooo the translation should actually be okay right, since both of us at least graduated university? lol... so... Should I skip typesetting and further editing, and just jump right to encoding and release? It's not a thesis so no one really cares if there are minor mistakes that we both missed, right? And it doesn't really matter that there are fancy typesetting in the first 7 episodes but no more typesetting after that right? RIGHT? NO ONE CARES ABOUT KARAOKE STYLING, RIGHT???

Comment and tell me what you think. OTL

PS. I did manage to get Tanaka Mayumi's autograph from S-con btw~~~
For those of you who live in US, you might be interested in going to Seattle's Sakura-con this year! Sakura-con will have Tanaka Mayumi (voice of Wataru) as a guest! I'm still debating if I should go, it's a little expensive... (I live in Vancouver, Canada) If I do go I'll definitely bring one of my Wataru CDs and get her to autograph it! ♥

To see more details:
30th-Aug-2009 05:32 pm - *cough* long time no update...
Well, there isn't much to add. Translations and timings for episodes 1-51 were all complete, but we are stuck on the typesetting and editing stage... Unless you people don't care about typesettings and editing, I guess we could throw them all out now... but no, I do want to make them nice and "complete" and as errorless as possible, so sorry, you'll all have to wait longer, as I'm very, very slow. xD;

So, I got accepted into nursing school about 5 months ago, and the program just started two weeks ago. I naively thought that nursing school will be all about practical stuff so I can probably read less than before. Apparently I was wrong. Yeah, there are a lot of practical stuff, but there are a lot of theoretical stuff too. x___x More readings than during last my B.Sc degree (which I graduated from back in May). Well, after all the nursing degree is a B.Sc degree as well, so I guess it makes sense to have a lot of homework and readings too... xD;; oh well. Less time for Wataru. ;___;

I was browsing Mandarake earlier when I was procrastinating from my readings, and I found these. I thought you guys might be interested in them so I decided to post them here.

It seems to be a guidebook for Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 1. It has character info, the 7 levels info, OVA info, and general settings info. Looks like a pretty good deal for 2000 yen, but I'm not going to get it since I'm more into Wataru 2 than Wataru 1. xD;

It's a stationery set for Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 3. Can't really tell what else is in there other than highlighters and an eraser... I wonder if the highlighters dried off yet. XDD
3500 yen... orz, expensive for stationeries that I'm not gonna use. (WHO WOULD, ANYWAY?)


HOUOU RYUUJINMARU! It's quite pretty too. 4000 yen.

GEKKOU RYUUJINMARU! I don't want this lol. But it's for 3500 yen. Why is it so much cheaper than Kenou... if Kenou is for this price, I would get it right away.

There is also this cute doujinshi called Yomoyama. It's only 500 yen, and I actually bought it from Mandarake last year. They still have in it stock @.@ How many of these do they have? lol
I love this artist's stuff, and I'm currently in the process of collecting all her Wataru doujinshis. Unfortunately, I have only found two, including this one. x__x

Okay, that's it for today! =D Hope you guys are still doing well.

One night, a Demon holding a mysterious light sphere has suddenly appeared. The light sphere went to Ikusabe Wataru.

Screenshots and SummaryCollapse )
31st-Mar-2009 11:51 pm - Himiko's Birthday~!
Wow. This episode was so hard to sub. I almost died (in every possible way) subbing this.

Anyhow, enjoy? XD

Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 52
- http://www.sendspace.com/file/untu7x
- http://rainbow-dream.edwardk.info/%5Brainbow-dream%5D_Chou_Mashin_Eiyuuden_Wataru_-_52_%5BCC9C6182%5D.avi.torrent

Should really work on my report instead of wasting my time, lol.

And of course, Happy Birthday to Himiko~

I can't wait till FMA and DBK start *_*
Uhh yeah. It's Toraoh & Shouryuushi's birthday yesterday (March 1st)... I have nothing but a crappy art to share lol >.>;; Maybe I should work more on subbing instead of spending time drawing crap orz

But of course, I have something else to share too. I just dragged this file off Share (a P2P leeching program for those who don't know). It is a CD drama of Himiko and Toraoh. The story is about those two searching for Himiko's mother (It's funny xD). =3

(ドラマCD) 魔神英雄伝ワタル4 CDシネマ1 「ヒミコと虎王の物語」 (1993/11/21)
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 4 CD Cinema 1 "Himiko to Toraou no Monogatari" (Himiko & Toraoh's Story)
Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4r60gc

I can never picture Himiko and Ranma and Haibara Ai with the same voice

1. オープニング・テーマ~エール(ショート・サイズ)
2. 第一話「あちしの母上を捜すのだ!」
3. 第二話「あちしの母上はブタさん? ウシさん? アヒルさん?」
4. 第三話「あちしの母上を捜すのだ!パート・チュー!」
5. 第四話「これがあちしの母上なのだ!」
6. エンディング・テーマ~ドント・マイント・パーティ(ショート・サイズ)


I don't have scans because I don't own a copy of this CD. =x

And because it is Toraoh's birthday, I forked out ~$30 USD and bought this. I feel so broke now. xD;;;
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